Just started dating does he like me

26-Jan-2020 07:01

But I havent seen him all summer and tonight was oreintation since we are new to the high school.But I saw him in the halls while trying to find all my classes and we locked eyes for like a second and pretended he didnt notice me. Plz help I just need to get my feelings out: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAA that’s not even half of it.I saw him multiple times and this happened every time. sorry to the poor souls who had to read this lol ok so basically, i got close with a guy this year and we started talking and we flirt and stuff and like we're super comfortable w each other but like recently he told me he likes this other after i told him i like this other guy just to make sure that he doesn't realise i like him.and all of my friends say he likes me cause hes like super protective and stuff and its like he knows a lotta stuff about me Ok so I have a big crush on this one dude I’m not gonna say any real names but I’ll make one up crush=Jason!I thought he liked me but then he started dated someone else then they broke up so now he’s single.I stopped liking him because of that but now he’s in one of my classes.If he does this for all of his friends, he’s probably just a generous kind of guy.

Btw there’s this guy (I don’t like him), he’s in one of the same classes with me. We'd make eye contact for like 5 seconds before I got scared and looked away.There’s plenty of guys out there who’ll call you to hang out. If the object of your affection calls you up to just chit chat without any real clear purpose, he likes hearing your voice and he misses having you around enough to call you up.If he’s calling to discuss problems all the time, you’re just a friend, but if he just wants to talk about what you’re up to and what he’s up to without asking anything of you or getting into a phone therapy session, he’s probably into you.What you’re looking for here is a guy that gets upset if someone isn’t treating you up to his standards.

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If he thinks you deserve to be treated like a queen, there’s a pretty good chance your affection is reciprocated.Ok so I am BFFS with his sister so I’ve been over and I may or may not have asked for a hoodie and ofc he gave me one but asked why so I replied with “im cold and Daylee (Madeup bff name) won’t give me one!