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The server-side internal driver supports JDK 1.2.x/JDBC 2.0 whereas the other drivers support JDK 1.1.x/JDBC 1.22 with Oracle extensions for JDBC 2.0.

The following gives a detailed description of each of these drivers: This driver is a Type 4 (Proprietary Protocol-Net) driver and is written in 100% pure Java making it platform independent. It implements the TCP/IP protocol that emulates Oracle's Net8 and TTC (the wire protocol of OCI) on top of Java sockets. Figure 3.2 A configuration of an Oracle client-side JDBC thin driver.

These client-side and server-side drivers provide the same functionality and have the same syntax and APIs and they share the same Oracle extensions.

The difference lies in how they connect to the database and how they transfer data.

I'm creating an application which enables a user to view client data stored in a mysql database.

A servlet takes in username/login and if correct user is taken to jsp that displays the first record - user can then select next, user will then be taken to another jsp displaying next record, and on this jsp user can then view next or previous records.

All four Oracle JDBC drivers support these changes.

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The various methods of using JDBC starting from the querying and returning of resultsets to executing DML from the Oracle 8i database are described in detail. A case study is presented to illustrate the concepts.An example of using this driver is when accessing an Oracle server from inside of a Java stored procedure.This driver supports any Java code that runs inside a target Oracle database such as a Java stored procedure and must access the same database.This driver converts JDBC calls into calls to the Oracle Call Interface using native methods.

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These calls are then sent to the Oracle database server using Net8.This driver has the same functionality as the client-side thin driver except that it runs inside Oracle 8i and accesses a remote database.

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