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25-Feb-2020 20:59

Simply put, AJAX (Asynchronous Java Script and XML) lets you use Java Script to send and receive information from the server asynchronously without page redirection or refreshes.

You can use AJAX to grab information and update the Web page that your user is currently viewing with that information.

The AJAX engine will send the requests to the PHP scripts on the server without disruption to the user experience.

With the PHP file ready to go, it is time to build the j Query AJAX functions.

But not every Web app or every page on a site needs to be built with a SPA framework in order to be interactive.

A lot of applications are better suited to a smaller scale of functionality.

Make sure that you first set up the database for the Web site by running the SQL file on your database.

Running this script in My SQL or any other database platform will create the Web-site's database, a user for that database, and the table that will be used to store Web-site visitor registration information.

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Derick Bailey is a Developer Advocate for Kendo UI, a developer, speaker, trainer, screen-caster and much more.For these pages, there is a need for a high level of interactivity without the need for client-side routing and other SPA features.With a reduction in functional requirements for smaller pages, there is also a reduction in the list of appropriate frameworks and libraries for building the page.Java Script is more important than ever for building highly interactive Web applications.

Libraries and frameworks, such as Backbone.js, Marionette.js, Ember.js, and are popping up and growing quickly in both popularity and features.You can create an interaction for this that will appear very slick to the user.