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12-Oct-2019 06:33

Looking purely at production and time on ice numbers, here is where Jordan ranked on the Canes last season: In terms of pure production, Jordan only lags behind the offensive wizardry of Jeff Skinner (also seen below in another wonderful chart from @Classlicity).

The Power Play is the only situation where Jordan isn’t called on as a first or second forward option, yet his rate of production is only second to Faulk.

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Next season the young Canes team will need Jordan to continue improving from his impressive 15-16 season for the Canes to pressure for a playoff spot.Check out my Tableau page to see the few not included here. A few percentage points in adjusted Corsi is the difference between a good team and a dominant team.In Joakim Nordstrom’s 200 minutes without Jordan his CF% was 16% lower than when they were together for 700 mintues.He’s a big, defensive force who excels at 5v5 and the penalty kill, simply dominates during 3v3 overtime, and he also had his best Canes season on the Power Play to boot. He’s deployed defensively more than any other forward on the team, his possession numbers are phenomenal showing that he drives play back up the ice, and he is a main contributor to special teams.

He does all this with perhaps little given to him in terms of talent to play with, and, I think, because he hasn’t put up massive point totals, he’s under-appreciated in his own market.And here’s Jordan in some prime real estate: Overtime to Shine Jordan Staal dominated the first NHL season of three on three overtimes and it’s so impressive that, even though the sample size isn’t very large, I couldn’t leave it out of this article.

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