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Halstead and Kovar were replaced by Nick Brown and Brittini Sherrod.In Season 25, Adam Royer was evicted and replaced by Heather Cooke.During the same season, additional roommate and "Ex" Lauren Ondersma left the show a few weeks after arriving for unexpected personal reasons and "Ex" Hailey Chivers left later in the season due to the stress of the living situation.

As mentioned above, Puck remained part of the cast after being evicted from the cast residence by his roommates on the show's third season.This often depended on how much time left was there before production wrapped, hence, bringing a new roommate if little time is left would not have been convenient.Irene Mc Gee left Season 7 due to concerns with the show's purpose and ethics as well as the conditions not being suitable for her health condition. In Season 19, Trisha Cummings was evicted from the house due to a physical confrontation that led to production staff giving the other cast member the choice as to whether Cummings could stay.In Season 32, Mike Crescenzo chose to leave the house after saying multiple racial comments and fearing how he will be portrayed on-air despite having remorse over his choice of words.

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Later that season, Theo King-Bradley was removed from the show by production after the start of a physical altercation with his cousin, who joined the cast as Theo's Bad Blood counterpart, when it became apparent no resolution would occur between the two cousins.The Real World is an American reality television show in which a group of strangers live together in a house for several months, as cameras record their interpersonal relationships.