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The Fops would appear in late restoration period clothing, and used a silly take on the period's language, mannerisms, and culture, not sparing the subsequent perversion also known for the time. Most of his "news" included family problems and neighborhood gossip.Joe Blow regularly concluded his commentary by asking anchor Norm Macdonald if he would join him for "a beer", which Macdonald (who clearly did not want to socialize with him) would avoid by making up an excuse, or putting it off until a later date. Gary Macdonald was the fictitious younger brother of anchor Norm Macdonald.Christopher Walken mans the desk so David Spade can deliver a live outdoor remote at the scene of the blizzard, but technical problems result in David Spade never realizing he's on the air as he makes fun of Christopher Walken and the cast of "Saturday Night Live." A Cheri Oteri sketch. Rita Del Vecchio (Cheri Oteri) is a grouchy, sharp tongued, Italian-American, Brooklyn housewife.Rita hates it when the neighborhood kids's toys wind up landing in her front yard, so she claims the item for herself, saying that it's hers now, "I keep it! Other times, Rita tries to one-up any of her neighbors when it comes to things like who has the best decorated front lawn on Christmas, or who has the better car, etc.

He first appeared in a sketch with Teri Hatcher about a sitcom called "The Princess and the Homeboy". Visiting from the Bronx Zoo, Lenny the Lion (Colin Quinn in a lion suit) would come onto Weekend Update to talk about his life problems. It followed the exploits of brothers Doug and Steve Butabi (portrayed by Chris Kattan and Will Ferrell respectively), habitual clubbers dressed in rayon suits, as they attempt to pick up women on their outings.Pesci's personality on the show does not so much resemble the real Joe Pesci as it does Tommy De Vito or Nicky Santoro, his characters from Goodfellas and Casino respectively.