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Hydrogeologist Junfeng Zhu is making progress on using newly available Li DAR terrain elevation data to map previously unrecognized sinkholes in parts of Kentucky.Last year, Li DAR-delineated sinkholes in Bullitt, Jefferson, and Oldham Counties were mapped, resulting in an additional 4,140 sinkhole features being added to the KGS online map server.“Everyone knew he was going to be the next big star,” says Metyko.“There hadn’t really been a Californian on that level since the ‘We’re Tops Now’ article [asserting that Australia had become the center of surf progression, from a 1967 issue of SURFER] by John Witzig.

Other ongoing work is a hydrogeologic monitoring report by Jim Currens on the Royal Spring or Cane Run watershed/springshed.“I still have a CI brochure from before I moved out there and it was all 7’2″ pintails with three stringers.But Channel Islands was the progressive brand of that area and it was on the brink of becoming a world powerhouse.” In the late ‘70s, Merrick was starting to gain the attention of the surf world after shaping boards for 1977 World Champion Shaun Thomson and began attracting a cadre of talented team riders, working with aerial pioneer Davey Smith, future pro Willy Morris, and, of course, the quiet style-master-in-the making, Tom Curren.Final drafts of the four remaining groundwater basin (30 X 60 minute quadrangles) maps (Madisonville-Paducah, Corbin, Morehead, and Tompkinsville) are planned to be finished by early 2017.

The Karst Potential Index, now online, is another plate in the Karst Atlas.

This study determined the length of time for injected tracers to arrive at Royal Spring under variable flow conditions from a finite set of injection points scattered across the watershed of the karst aquifer.