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11-Oct-2019 10:03

Sure, it’s also the year of the IDIOT man, too (Chris Brown, anyone? But just because the stars are screwing up doesn’t mean all men are so-called sex addicts with 10 mistresses and Black Berries filled with naughty text messages. John Edwards has a baby to his mistress while cheating on his cancer-stricken wife. Sanford calls his “other woman” his “soulmate”…had to make the woman he vowed his life to feel just fabulous! These women need to focus on loving themselves first, picking up the pieces and moving forward. What about Jesse James’ alleged 3 more mistresses coming forward? Which breakup/affair is the worst and/or most shocking to you? ** Tags: Affairs, Ashley Boynes, Athletes, Ben Roethlisberger, Bombshell, Broken Heart, celebrities, celebrity gossip, Cheaters, Cheating, Cheating Heart, Cheating Men, Chris Brown, David Letterman, Divorce, Elin, Elizabeth Edwards, Elliot Spitzer, entertainment, Famous people, Glitzburgh, Heartbreak, Idiot Men, Infidelity, Jesse James, John Edwards, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Marital Problems, Mark Sanford, Pittsburgh, Political Scandal, Reggie Bush, Sandra Bullock, Sanford, Scandal, South Park, Spitzer, Tabloids, The View, Tiger Woods, Unconfirmed rumors American Idol Ashley Boynes A Word from Ashley Bookworm Britney Celebrity Encounters Celebrity Sleaze Charity Events and Fundraisers Concerts Contests Current Events Facebook For the Ladies Geeky stuff Glitzburgh Glitzburgh Glam Going to the Dogs HA HA HA Haute Stuff (fashion) Health and Wellness Interviews Lady Gaga Movie Buff Music Music to My Ears Nonprofit Pgh Photo of the Day!

There’s been celebrity breakups all over the news, fueled by men cheating on their significant others — most recently, David Letterman, Tiger Woods, Jesse James, and, now, possibly Reggie Bush. ) and the “alleged” idiot men (Ben Roethlisberger, anyone? I’m a diehard Steelers fan, but guilty or innocent, he puts himself in one precarious and irresponsible situation after another. However, I do not think that fame and celebrity gives anyone a right to balk on their moral code of conduct. To me, it is heartless, and, above all, inconsiderate. A disgrace to their loved ones, a tarnish to their image, and I believe that this type of behavior makes a mockery of After all, in this country we idolize celebrities. Now, I hear (as-of-now) unconfirmed reports that Reggie Bush may have been having an affair while dating Kim Kardashian, who, despite being famous for nothing, I adore. Regardless, they HAVE indeed, split, or are at least taking a break.

Decker stirred controversy on the internet after she posts her selfie of she breastfeeding her son, Eric Decker Jr.

Jessie James Decker has a height of 5 feet 1 inch and weighs 53 kg.

The album was to be the same country-pop sound as her debut.

The first single, “Boys in the Summer”, released in June.

Additionally, I’m sure there are women out there, too, who are involved in these types of scandals. or they simply are a little more crafty about not getting caught.) Either way, to me, it boils down to this. I just hope that this type of behavior doesn’t become a trend. End the relationship, part and go your separate ways, and THEN – and only then – go do your own thing. Pictures Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Events Pittsburgh Sports Politics pop Pssst...

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Her mother’s name is Karen Parker and father’s name is and her father’s name is unknown. By then, she had already been writing songs on a plastic guitar and had performed at Sea World and in Warner Robins, in 2000.

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