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We’re at Gloveworx, the Los Angeles boxing gym where she works out six days a week. He calls her "JLH" and has taken to posting screenshots of A few rounds in, Hewitt flashes me a concerned look and asks if I need to hydrate.

She tells me this while holding the position for three minutes. She breaks form only briefly, once to hop around to Cardi B’s “I Do,” and once to laugh at an inside joke with Leyon, who's become a loyal friend.Ask her about the CBS hit , which aired from 2005 to 2010 and starred Hewitt as a woman who can commune with earthbound spirits, and she'll tell you, “She wasn’t just a person with a gift. It was more that she truly felt for and cared about the people that she was helping.” On Lifetime's , the Fox procedural about first responders in Los Angeles, hews closely to the same pattern. People will see her composed on the phone, but fully dealing with the pain and anguish of the callers [once she hangs up].”Hewitt was cast on the show to fill a void left by beloved Connie Britton,” says showrunner Tim Minear, who created the series with Murphy and Brad Falchuk.Hewitt plays Maddie, an ER nurse who flees an abusive relationship and seeks the help of her younger brother, Buck, a reformed playboy firefighter who sets her up with a job as a 9-1-1 operator. “What you need is someone who is irreplaceable themselves.” Hewitt, he says, was it.“Instead of people talking about the movie,” she says, “they were like, ‘Well, her boobs look bigger than they did on TV, so she must have gotten [implants].’” Tabloids began dissecting her personal life.

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(She reportedly dumped Carson Daly via publicist, they said.) Late-night hosts ogled her shamelessly.Maybe Hewitt is so good at rolling with it—the punches, figurative and literal—because she never really pulled any punches.