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with hairstylist John Nollet, and while at first our attention went to the fact that 41-year-old was flipping the bird to paparazzo, we quickly noticed that she also had a new 'do.

But for a long time Paradis was most conspicuous as Johnny Depp’s partner.

She speaks English softly, with sporadic French-ifying.

“I prepared for the movie by meeting a young Hasidic girl who had escaped from her community.

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They kissed one another goodbye on both cheeks after dinner in Paris last week and he was seen with Vanessa at a 2009 charity fashion dinner for AIDS in Paris also.“No one pushed me into a recording studio,” she insists.

There were a ton of pre-parties on Weds night and after-parties last night. If you click on the link above in the subject line to the MTV Overdrive page click on the VMA BACKSTAGE UNCENSORED ON DEMAND section. If you click on this link you can see thumbnails of him at the awards show and after party. So while I was waiting at the end of the red carpet and backstage, I had so many artists walk past me. I walked along the red carpet with Jeremy & the band and got into the club but I didn't get into the VIP section with them. I waited for a bit by the entrance and saw DJ/producer Alchemist (I used to work with him) and he also didn't get into the VIP section so then I didn't feel like the only one. I have to say it was great to have all the action back in NYC...sorry Miami!