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Le présent vocabulaire, qui représente plusieurs années de travail évidemment intermittent, comprend environ 500 noms de plantes, dont une dizaine sont donnés sans identification botanique. M.) qui a apporté le concours indispensable de ses connaissances en systématique dans le travail de recoupement et d'identification fait en collaboration et qui nous a permis d'établir ensemble une première liste d'environ 220 noms vernaculaires correspondant à peu près à la plupart des désignations connues par le commun des habitants de Lifou.La plupart des noms vernaculaires donnés en français sont les noms locaux utilisés par les habitants de la Nouvelle-Calédonie.Sponsorship Statement: Publication of this supplement is sponsored by the ACNP.Both treatment groups demonstrated similar remission rates at 6-month follow-up with significant improvement in depression, anxiety, and overall clinical illness severity.Escitalopram with memantine treatment resulted in additional improvements in apathy, quality of life, and intermediate/delayed memory.

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Results: We find that offspring receiving low quality maternal care in the early life show peripheral IR in adulthood as suggested by increased levels of insulin, glucose and tryglicerides in comparison with offspring that received high quality maternal care.Conclusions: These findings suggest a role for ELA in the form of poor maternal care in increasing the likelihood to development of peripheral IR, altered central glucocorticoid function and corresponding anxiety states in adulthood, and that these factors may encode lifelong susceptibility to pathophysiological aging.Given our earlier reported association between IR and a LAC deficiency, a candidate biomarker of major depression that is a risk factor for aging-associated memory decline, we are currently assessing LAC levels in this mechanistic framework.There exists unique baseline and post-treatment gene signatures that predicted response to combination escitalopram-memantine compared to escitalopram-placebo treatment.

Furthermore, bioinformatics analysis of differentially expressed gene targets indicates unique and synergistic mechanisms of action mediating antidepressant response in monotherapy and memantine augmentation.

Arising from the postulate of insulin resistance (IR) as a pathophysiological link in diabetes, depression and dementia (“the 3 D’s”), we implemented a mating rodent model with high and low nurturing dams to study the lifespan effects of ELA on peripheral metabolic physiology, central glucocorticoid function and behavioral states.

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