James newman and sofia black d39elia dating

05-Mar-2020 00:23

I think Season 1 is just her trying to figure out who, in fact, she is, which is extremely difficult, as a teenager.I think her storyline is very relatable, in that sense.I was a big fan of Generation 2, so it was really cool. Was it during the auditioning process, or after you were all cast?BLACK-D’ELIA: For the Canadians, I actually hadn’t met them until the first day of us being up in Canada to film the pilot, back in February, almost a year ago now.During a recent exclusive phone interview with Collider, Sofia Black-D’Elia talked about being a fan of the BBC series that was adapted from, the honor of working with the original show’s creator, bonding with her co-stars, how she loves Tea’s honesty, dealing with the criticism that the show has already received, and being a role model for other teens looking to be confident in their own sexuality. I went to a dance school when I was younger and I really loved being in front of people and performing.Check out what she had to say after the jump: Question: How did you originally get into acting? And then, as I got older, I became obsessed with films and just really put all of my energy into acting, in the hopes that, one day, it would be able to be possible. BLACK-D’ELIA: It was just another one of the auditions that my agency had sent me on.I got to watch Tea develop and, once in awhile, if a line didn’t feel comfortable, we had the freedom in saying that.

As soon as someone heard about it and saw how amazing it was, they would tell everyone they knew.

What do you like best about Tea and what have been the biggest challenges in playing her?

BLACK-D’ELIA: The thing I like most about Tea is how honest she is with herself.

You’re always pushing your boundaries and going that extra mile.

A huge part of that for us is the constant desire to fulfill his expectations and rise to the occasion because he sets the bar very high.Since you aren’t that far from the age of the character you’re playing, did you get to give any input into the development of your character?

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