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28-Sep-2020 06:33

In total, the more than 600 episodes have drawn upwards of half a billion views across all platforms.

Not putting the king dweebs on blast but when you make 700 episodes of a webseries, some of them are not going to be good.

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We started making goofy little videos during work, and that grew into Jake and Amir dot com.

3) You guys have done a couple College Humor Live gigs.

This is Lisbe and Reger’s second sale, they also have a comedy spec at CBS through Sony TV and Jamie Tarses.

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New episodes regularly draw hundreds of thousands of views on You Tube and many more on the College Humor website.Let's ignore episodes like "Tongue" or "Amir faces the harsh realities of dating" since they were just concept episodes and the divas were clealry stepping outside the usual formula (for the record I think both of those were fun episodes and I feel like most people also enjoyed them).