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He has all the good pick up lines Posso offrirti qualcosa da bere?

Perché ha rubato le stelle dal cielo e te le ha messe negli occhi. He stole the stars from the sky to put them in your eyes ♥♥♥ Wow!

Most Italians are Roman Catholics and the Vatican (headquarters of the Catholic Church) is within Italy.

That's the religious side, but have you heard of Italiano girls?

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Erotic chatlines allow you to enjoy naughty anonymous chat for intimate, stimulating and personal conversation that will push you over the edge.Italian Slang- Romance and Pick up Lines are useful whether you are on the pull, an art lover of the female form like a typical red blooded Italian boy, or genuinely interested in an interesting Italian speaker you have fallen in love with Beccare qualcuno– to hit on someone Vai e prova a beccare quella bella ragazza nell’angolo Go try and hit on that hot chick in the corner Che tipo di musica ti piace?