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Grey Shark (dibra) , 8 September 2018 (UTC) Palestinians are not "ethnically Arab", with "Arab" as an ethnicity meaning of or related to the people of the Arabian peninsula.

The definition may need changing (it should just be Palestinian citizens of Israel tbh), but this new change is not an improvement.

This requires to change the opening sentence into something more clear and specific.

Please note that in a related case there has been a discussion at the Arab Christians article and there was a consensus that "Arabic-speaking Christians" is way too vague for the content of that article.

You can say nearly the same thing without never (e.g.

I think the number of Arab ministers (whether in or outside an Arab political party) are a better measure).

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Regardless of that, calling them "ethnic Arabs" is inaccurate.

Also, your example highlighting Arab world is useful.

Icewhiz (talk) , 20 December 2018 (UTC)This was discussed in detail by leading Israeli sociologist Shmuel Eisenstadt, who wrote in 1965: "There is the old 'paternalist' participation, evinced in the Arab lists close to Mapai, which are essentially a parliamentary device established to catch the Arab vote with the help of the government machine.