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The underlying theory is that a given substance transforms into another, in a process called radioactive decay, at a rate which is proportional to the amount of the initial substance (sometimes called the parent substance). We will see the last two equations and variations a few times in this discussion.Writing this mathematically, we have where e (= equals 2.718281 . The last two equations, which are equivalent to each other, allow us to date an object, provided that the decay constant λ has not changed and we can measure P and PThere is some evidence being published that the decay constant may have changed in the past, at least for uranium and lead.Unfortunately, there is no way to deal with the subject without at least mentioning mathematics.This means that math phobics cannot be completely accommodated; they will at least have to see equations.For example, Sr does not mean that it is a product of decay that accumulated since the rock hardened.

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This paper attempts to accomplish two objectives: First, to explain what isochron dating is and how it is done, and second, to provide an analysis of how reliable it is.It is commonly felt that if all the points lie on a straight line, this is a good indication that the above assumptions are correct.For example, see The Age of the Earth, a book written by G.This is not impossible, but does require extra intervention (or more change in the usual laws of physics).

At present, we will assume that the decay constants have not changed, recognizing that this assumption can be challenged. One simply measures the parent element and finds the percentage of the parent element that is of the desired isotope.Brent Dalrymple, one of the foremost authorities in the field, with the express purpose of establishing the age of the earth in the face of creationist claims (see the preface).

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