Is kobe bryant dating sanaa lathan who is the rockstar liz jones is dating

01-Oct-2020 08:12

Kobe was asked by if the gorgeous Eva Longoria was the reason why his soon-to-be-ex-wife Vanessa had filed for divorce.

The Lakers superstar shrugged his shoulders and replied that he had no idea.

The sad reality is that when you’re beautiful and successful people clamor to see a little dirt, and what isn’t there people will create.

Actress Sanaa Lathan had a good time at the Watch the Throne concert in Los Angeles.

And that is that 0 million divided by two is 0 million.

Kobe Bryant’s impending divorce may come as good news to Sanaa Lathan.

Lathan also went to her Twitter account to deny rumors of a relationship.

Dibello, who is a producer of the Kardashian reality shows, has been spotted court side at several Laker games.But the two eventually ended up standing next to each other.