Is junhyung still dating hara

10-Nov-2020 00:50

Lee Min Ho’s agency, Continue reading What do guys usually see in a girl they’re attracted to? Actress Shin Se Kyung and SHINee’s Jonghyun have gone their separate ways.According to Shin Se Kyung’s agency on June 20th, Shin Se Kyung and Jonghyun are no longer dating, but are instead continuing their relationship as friends.T-ARA‘s Jiyeon and actor Lee Dong Gun dated for 2 years before breaking up earlier this year.

The relationship met up with some difficulties as Minah promoted in Korea while Son Heung Min worked in Germany.

On May 23rd, Eugene and Ki Tae Young attended a press conference in Seoul to celebrate the release of Eugene’s beauty book, ‘Eugene’s Get It Beauty‘, as well as the couple’s engagement.

While it’s been reported that the happy couple Continue reading The beloved “Yongseo couple” officially ended their marriage on the latest episode of MBC’s “We Got Married 2”.

Junhyung is a human too, he doesn't LITERALLY belongs to B2uty, especially Jesters, so he is absolutely can make any decision for himself, he can love any girl he wants, and I'm totally happy to see him happy!!

Dispatch caught on that IU was making pit-stops at indie singer Jung Kiha’s house upon landing in Seoul, and thus another couple was born.

Wearing similar tops, Park Han Byul is leaning affectionately against Se7en while both of them are staring into each other’s eyes.