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"I plan on knocking him out and knocking him out viciously," Liddel said."I plan on going out there to hurt him [Franklin]." Liddell took a leave of absence from the UFC in 2009 after a first round technical knockout defeat delivered at the fists of Shogun at UFC 93, April. Liddell joined I like working at something I'm actually good at and I can actually get better at." He took his quick-stepping dance moves back to the octagon to begin training for a UFC comeback.

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Someone is going to shut you down before they get to know you because you are living with HIV."I really don't understand the controversy,' said Liddell. "We're a bunch of Olympic events combined into one." UFC fighting is mixed martial arts combat and is governed by the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts. The rules set are motivated by two main ideas: protection of the fighters and providing great competition for spectators.He says if people like combat sports they will love UFC. In UFC fights there is no head-butting, eye-gouging, hair-pulling, downward elbow driving to opponents on the ground, biting, attacking the groin, throat grabbing or striking the back of the head or spine of an opponent. "You don't take as many repetitive hits to the head."I like fighting guys I think are tough and I want to prove I can beat them." Liddell isn't the only fighter trying for a comeback punch.

Rich Franklin trained hard for the Vancouver date and the former UFC middleweight champion isn't taking anything for granted.UFC light heavyweight fighter, Chuck Liddell, plans on delivering some big hits on Rich Franklin Saturday night in UFC 115 at GM Place.

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