Is beck dating tori in real life dating differences us and uk

12-Nov-2020 09:47

Beck: As soon as the ghost rises, then it's done.. Tori: But, we just ate chips & we just watched a scary movie.. Beck: *staring at Tori Tori: what are you staring at? Beck: Beatiful, caring, sweet, cute & very different from Jade... Beck: I was wonderin' if can we have our official first Kiss? Beck & Tori: *Leaned in to kiss eachother Tori: This is the best night ever... In TONIGHT’s episode “Beck Falls For Tori,” Tori (Victoria Justice) lands a role as a stunt double after exaggerating on her resume.

*then left Tori: You know, it seems to me, this is like a date, & when jade finds out.. You know, I don't really like it when Jade messes with you.. Beck: Well, since we first kissed & up to tonight, I kinda have feelings for you... Although there is bound to be some awkward moments between beck/Tori/jade WHAT?? I'm sure that if your boyfriend be like Beck, you'd already be equal or worse than Jade!

is true that she isn't the perfect gf and isn't even close to it ... he has no respect for his girlfriend and let everyone laugh at her!Summary: Jade was forced to go on vacation with her family, leaving Beck & the rest of the gang behind. The day came when Jade had to leave early for the airport... After the airport, they all went back to their homes & is getting ready for there big night..