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15-Aug-2020 11:28

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If you obsessively search for “the one” you will be left feeling frustrated and disappointed the majority of the time.Instead, get excited by the process rather than the outcome.These people are strangers, so why do you care about their opinion of you?Plus, while you are busy focusing on how these people are judging you, you’re forgetting something even more important: What do you think of them?Strike the right balance between over-dressing and under-dressing.Of course, you want to take pride in your appearance, but it will be a turn off to potential matches if you look like you’re trying too hard.Presenting your best self means playing to your strengths.

Contrary to what you see in Hollywood, you should not be aiming for a love at first sight, and the fireworks type of physical chemistry. ) but if you meet someone who seems interesting and there’s a curiosity on your part, say yes. When I talk to clients, I encourage them to shift their perspective in terms of dating expectations.Choose an outfit that’s flattering, but one you also feel comfortable and confident in.If you look incredible, but feel uncomfortable, that will come across in your interactions.In fact, did you know non-verbal communication (tone of voice and body language) accounts for 93 percent of communication? In a study of 40 speed dates with heterosexual men and women, researchers found speed dating couples were more likely to want to see each other again if they had a similar language style.

“The more you use this group of words, called function words, similarly, the more you like each other,” says Molly Ireland, psychologist at Texas Tech University and lead researcher of the study.

Dating could be an exciting journey filled with new people and new places.

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