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13-Sep-2020 07:50

I’s a REST API, retrieving data from the following database: The database models an electronic store.

The store has several branches, saved in the stores table (which id, city, address).

Items to be sold are saved in the items table (having an id, serial number, name, description).

Each item can have a review, saved in the reviews table (which id, item_id (item for which the review is created), nr_stars, comment).

In Java world, since there are many libraries for cache, an standardization effort was made, that resulted in JSR 107, or JCache, specification.

Since Hibernate 5.2.0, there is available a new Hibernate module, hibernate-jcache, for integrating a JCache provider as a second-level cache.

Now, that we configured Hibernate, we need to integrate a caching provider.

Hibernate supports several levels of caching: first level cache (enabled by default), second level cache, query cache (same as first level cache).To improve performance, the second level cache concept was born.

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