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25-Feb-2020 19:47

Their business communication usually includes exchange of opinions, ideas, concepts, and methodological approaches.

When communicating with people of intuitive/thinking types (NT) including ENTJ, INTJ, ENTP, and INTP personality types, i.e.

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This probably happens because a significant proportion of NF people judge based on their feelings whereas INTPs strive to maintain the most objective and impartial view.

Although INTPs often do not have that many business contacts, nonetheless, their business communication can be fairly intense.

This is explained by the fact that their colleagues (or other people working in the same field) find it important to get an INTP’s in-depth expert opinion on many professional issues.

Because introversion and extraversion is more of a spectrum with some people falling closer towards one end or the other, some ENTJs may wonder as to whether they are, in fact, INTJs.

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Another important point is that according to Carl Jung’s personality typology, extraversion and introversion cannot be demonstrated in isolation, and it has to be associated with one of the four cognitive functions — thinking, sensation, intuition, and feeling.INTPs try to maintain an objective assessment, even when discussing topics relating to the finer feelings of the soul.