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24-Mar-2020 06:23

Maybe I myself will change my mind about 'The Adventure' when I get more experience, it is difficult to say beforehand...By the end of 'The Adventure', I would like a short list of the 'what is next', the more advanced editing techniques and issues.I saw the thing about using section edits in the bugs section.I want to second that and add that the markup at the top of the page might be a bit confusing to new editors, if we used the section edit feature it would hide those text (at least in the parts before we add sections and where there is a level 1 heading in the earth article).Another thing is that for the earth article you might want to point out that we don't usually use level 1 headings.

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I thought I cannot know more about Wikipedia, it just feels amazing to finally know how to use it perfectly, I only had one mistake, I can't actually believe it, it is better than any tutorials I have played on, considering the cool background for the game, and the live-chat tutorial!

I have had a few wikipedia accounts that I have forgotten the information of, like 'brackpedia'. I had leapt straight into editing, and had mainly gone off of help articles, before playing this.

It should be more friendly to people like that, instead of saying your only contributions are on your own page when you have also de-orphaned two pages, expanded a stub, and clarified the difference between fact and fiction on an article struggling with that(Dragonology) --Brackattax (talk) , 24 July 2015 (UTC) I wish it had more information of vandalism and how to monitor it, and what, exactly counts as vandalism.

I had fun and I don't regret wasting these times I've had with it!

From a beginner's perspective, I think 'The Adventure' provides a fairly good introduction and walkthrough to Wikipedia.But it was great fun and I learned more information on how to make Wikipedia a better place!