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05-Jan-2020 12:49

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I am off to see Ozzy and Halford next month and, as usual, I will look over at the sound board and then smile, missing you but at the same time being thankful to have met you. Danny Nichols & family, Montreal, Canada One year today. I miss your hugs and words of encouragement dearly. My diligence and dedication to your family is front and center as promised. With love today and always, Boo Boo Tears For Fears just wrapped up a tour in The Land Down Under, NZ, Hong Kong, Manila, Singapore and points beyond. I hear you loud and clear as my heart is both pounding, and aching. Today I cried (again) for my loss of such a good friend but more so for your wife and young boys that you no doubtedly loved with all the passion and connection that two human bens can possibly have for each other.It does not feel like such time has passed since you left this earth to continue your journey. I'm betting you were right there with them the entire time, Gungi. I promised to watch over them and I will continue to do so. It will be yet another hard day for me not to fold in sorrow but if I concentrate on your words and remember the sounds of your encouraging, supportive voice I will press on and find myself in that better place you gave me.I first met you in 1966 in a school Physics lab in our first year at Bell-Baxter Junior High School in Cupar, Fife, where we were both in first year.We hit it off right away, and were friends for at least 10 years, only beginning to lose touch when you moved south, and I moved to St. You and I put together a mobile disco, "Medusa Disco" when I was old enough to drive (19701) which we ran successfully from Cupar for about a year - we got good, and had lots of fun doing it until the tax man caught up with us :-( When you were an electronics tech at Psychology, I also worked for St.I suspect that this experience moulded the quality that has come through strongly on this notice board, that Gordon someone who cared about and looked after others. Gordon and I both left our roots in Cupar to pursue our schoolboy interests, in his case music, in mine sport.We both had the opportunity to travel the world, mix with the very best and to do something that we love doing.Andrews Uni as an electronics tech, in the Gatty Marine Lab, enabling us to build various musical/lighting equipment!

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Just wanted to let you know that you will always be on the minds and in the hearts of those whose lives you touched with your kindness and generosity.

If you ever questioned it before it should be obvious now. If you would like to be kept up to date, please contact us, (Lily and AB), at [email protected]

YOU did make the world better with your time here and let this website be testimony of the eternal impact you had on so many. Met "Gungi" in the early 80"s as a teenager that only wanted to become a Rock concert photographer, think it was at the Rainbow/Scorpions Concert in Montreal we first met and than began to run into him more frequently.

Gordon was always into his music, I remember heading round to his house to watch The Old Grey Whistle Test, to tape the new music charts on a Sunday night, or to listen to a new album he had just bought.

Gordon towered above all the other kids at school but he was a gentle soul despite his size.

It has been a pretty difficult year for the music industry and it has lost some fine people.

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