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They are still raising offspring from a previous relationship and many are not interested in having more children.Then there’s polygamy—or “polyamory,” to use the preferred term—where a minority of men controls sexual access to a larger number of women.With time, they would get too old to compete with young men, and the problem should resolve itself.

At least in the sloppy, vibrant, knee-jerk direct social howl that most of us idealistically like to think of (mostly nostalgically) as "punk." And the production? Between intentionally throwing a monkey wrench into the song structure, just to goose you, saying nyah-nyah while doing so, the production is so crisp and clean, you almost think you're listening to a Bon Jovi arena-rock album or something (Warren's soaring guitarwork doesn't help), but then you catch Quackenbush's sweet nasal voice slip in some quirky phrase JBJ'd never utter, and you realize nose-thumbing punkpop has simply entered a whole new phase.

This disparity is mainly in marriages with African American men, there being no gender difference in marriages with Hispanic Americans and the reverse gender difference in marriages with Asian Americans (Jacobs and Labov, 2002; Passel et al., 2010).