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28-Oct-2020 01:30

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Include any more than that, and you’ll come across as trying too hard.

Overall, a little humor is good — a bonus, but not a requirement.

Sarcastic people often come across as hostile or bitter, and ultimately put off others.

Think about it: No one wants to deal with negativity on an ongoing basis.

At the end of the day, all anyone really wants is someone to connect with, someone who accepts them, and someone to spend time with.

If you come across as someone who is honest, real, and easy to be with, you will attract others. A little humor goes a long way, so include a humorous comment or two — max — in your profile.

In the age of internet dating, people have even more things to deal with.

The best approach is to come across as real and down to earth. How should men and women represent themselves in a way that actually attracts others? A mature adult is going to be approachable, down to earth, and friendly.

This is the ultimate goal, and coming across as down to earth in your profile is the most effective way for you to interest others in the online dating world.

After all, not everyone is funny, and not everyone needs to be funny.

As a rule, I always recommend that an individual be fully authentic with one exception: If you are a very sarcastic person, please don’t reveal that color in your profile.Here he tackles a dreaded task for some — filling out that online dating profile.

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