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stanlos Posted: May 10, 2005 AM I'd vote for an existing character, like Zauriel or Seraph [as a religious character who should be in the JLA].I've been wanting more exposure for them for a while... There are plenty of fellow Israelites in tights to join him at the Seder table. ORG - Your Gateway to the Jewish Internet), ( viewed 20 December 2005): The Thing may be the heaviest hitter to announce his Jewish roots, but he's far from alone.Mark Mac Millan October 25th, 2006, PM Oh, I'm sure all religions exist in the DCU, and I know of the different heroes that are connected to God, and various other beliefs (like Ragman, Monolith, Zauriel, The Spectre, etc) It's just that I've always wondered about where Moses, Jesus, and the Prophet Mohammed stood in the grand scheme of things.Like a hero who was/is bestowed great powers by wielding the sword of Mohammed or the existence of the Holy Grail, or the staff of Moses, etc. Cousin Cory Springhorn October 25th, 2006, PM It seems to me that perhaps the Seraph (member of the Global Guardians, and back-up feature in Super Friends) carried the staff of Moses. In the All-Star Squadron, Japan came into possession of the Holy Grail, while Hitler possessed the Spear of Destiny.Mark Mac Millan October 25th, 2006, AM I posted this in another thread, but since it goes off-topic I decided to start my own. If Fourth World is still in continuity and The Presence is the God of the three major religions (Christianity, Judaism, and Islam) I was wondering...Where do Moses, Jesus and the Prophet Mohammed stand in the DCU?

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Finally, Doctor Mist called him to Bialya to rescue the Global Guardians. After a battle with Doctor Mist's enemy Fain Y'onia, Seraph helped Rising Sun, Owlwoman, and Olympian create the New Global Guardians, placing himself as leader. In this story, terrorists try to interfere with Israel's water supply. The new Asian Atom isn't replacing a typical white male whom, as with most heroes, you'd presume to be Christian.

Besides -- Zauriel, Bloodwynd, Wonder Woman, the Spectre, the Quintet, etc., etc., are all based on or are slaves to religious beliefs, but none actively flaunt it, or debate which is correct, so a hard-line Christian super hero would probably not sit too well.

hellstone1 Posted: May 6, 2005 AM Well, I'm gonna hit you.

#38 The Seraph misuses his powers against criminals, almost killing one of them.

G-d intervenes, temporarily stripping him of his powers.Nightcrawler, Daredevil, [4 other Christian superheroes] are all Christians.

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