Inter religious dating

01-Jul-2020 13:38

In some of these situations, when no possible agreement can be reached as to the children’s religion, it may even be best if the marriage is postponed or even rethought.

In my experience, if there are major divisions over the religious upbringing of children before the marriage, then these issues will only be greater and more troublesome when the children arrive.

It may be that some Catholics who are not strong in their faith can only share it by their example.

The Church recognizes that there may be cases in which the children will be raised in another faith. It is always a greater challenge when both parties are well connected to their faith.

There is no religion that has the only path to God.

While we find great benefit in our own faith traditions and want to see them passed on to future generations, no one tradition has an exclusive hold on God’s attention.

It also seems to me that we need to appreciate the good that can come from interfaith marriages.

In a strange sort of way, these marriages do remind us that God’s call for the human family transcends all religious boundaries.

The Catholic Church used to require those who were not Catholic to sign a document promising that the children would be raised Catholic.

These points don’t exhaust the issues, but do illustrate some of the areas that need to be addressed. All decisions about ceremony and children need to take second place to the love relationship of the couple.

If that is weakened, then no matter how the children are raised, they will not benefit from the strong love of the couple. You cannot be a Jew and a Christian at the same time.

This poses a dilemma for some priests who feel that by our taking part we are undermining our local colleagues.

On the other hand, some of us see the value in keeping a connection with the couple by performing these marriages. On the issue of raising children, I repeat what I said earlier: A child cannot be a Jew and a Catholic at the same time.

Who is the one who will be mainly responsible for the religious upbringing of the children?

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