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Our Bible verse for our marriage is Colossians -14: As we both grow in our personal faith and relationship with God, the two of us as a couple grow closer and closer together.

A faith-founded marriage isn’t just about the two of us seeking the Lord together, it really starts with each of us seeking the Lord independently.

Choosing an intentional marriage can look incredibly different for each individual couple, but it is in the choosing that we push ourselves to find ways to personally make the effort in our marriage on a daily basis. So start by building that faith foundation if you have to, even if only one stone at a time. By building a faith foundation under your relationship, it is my prayer that you will instill hope for the future and rekindle the love that brought you together in the first place.

Be it a small act of kindness or a uniquely special effort on a “just because” kind of day, these intentional efforts add up to an extraordinarily fulfilling marriage. I’m not sure if you feel like you are ready to implement daily efforts for your spouse. And once that faith foundation is in place, then you can begin to brainstorm ways that you can make a daily intentional effort.

By working to take care of our home and prepare meals, I’m providing a sanctuary for our marriage to flourish.

By choosing to live my life according to these three priorities, I find that I am also choosing to live a life that is focused on our marriage.

A marriage founded on the rock of faith will not crumble and fall.

For this reason, we choose to build our relationship on a solid foundation of faith.

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It is for this reason that I challenge myself to make a daily effort, sometimes an incredibly tiny effort and other times a little more pronounced, in my marriage.

Our marriage was the beginning of the rest of our lives together. The rest of our lives…there would be ups and downs, there would be times I would want to walk away, and there would be times I would feel like I couldn’t breathe with just the thought of my husband not being in my life.

There was only one way to make this thing work for , and that was to not rely on ourselves.

I guarded my heart, I prayed for a God-chosen spouse, and I waited patiently.

Wildland Man was my first real serious relationship and we both made a commitment in our dating days to see to it that our relationship would last the long haul.

You can read more about how choosing priorities can allow you to live simpler and more intentionally in my post titled, “.” My personal priorities are currently: Faith, Health, and Home.