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11-Dec-2019 07:36

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90% of profiles now claim "Message me, I don't see likes". It would be o.k, if it also wasn't so glitchy.Recently they introduced some form of instant chat client. Twice already my limit time expired, but magically it instantly renewed for another 24h on itself.I can either dislike them or go to their profile to see what they said.But this also means I could miss someone if they get lost in the shuffle.I'd like to recommend it to everyone who is in search for a woman. The impossibility to cancel automatic billing drives me crazy.

" When I checked I see he is only on there to find women for oral s*x. The site informed me I had to be A-listed and buy a membership to see who liked me.The latest is that in Browse users you don't see those "who you liked" anymore.Are you people doing it deliberately, to destroy the site? And therefore it is still better than most other sites I've been using a lot of dating sites, with more or less luck.You need to match with someone in "Double take" game, to send her a message. It prompted a lot of girls to start playing the game, after all. I was always putting a lot of effort in that matter. You can create more photo albums and put a lot of photos on your profile. Maybe that is the reason why many reviewers are complaining :) The downside is there are so many transgenders.

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But it's not the technical issue, so I can't complain. I've met plenty of people through OKC, from all around the world. It is only one of the reasons for a 5 star rating Fake profiles - girls using pictures of models and porn stars, Some of them are actually connected to the site, to find out what members have to say. You can search the glossy photographs via Google and see that the picture was downloaded.

When you've disliked the same string of people 4 times, that's a problem.