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All of a sudden it looked like the Americans should also be on the list – how much did the AIVD know? Plasterk informed parliament in late October that any attempt to gather information in the Netherlands by a foreign service must go via the AIVD to stay within the law.On the same day the news broke that while US embassies were used as locations for the NSA’s Special Collection Service, this did not include The Hague (or Brussels).The report tellingly remarks that either there was no interest, or “the Americans have access to telephone traffic in another way.” This is the clue.Another look at the news items over the past five months starts to reveal a different pattern.The mild response to the NSA revelations from the political leadership is at least more honest, in this respect, than the flapping around of the Germans and the French.The , eager to follow up its earlier Wikileaks scoops as the paper of choice for Snowden security leaks, ran another story last weekend on how the Dutch mission to Uruzgan from 2006-2011 – and the provision of communication data by the MIVD’s surveillance base at Eibergen – resulted in the Netherlands entering the sublime world of the ‘Five Eyes’ inner circle.The policy of the Dutch government is to maintain that position as far as possible.This continues to be a cornerstone of Dutch security policy.

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Indonesia, New Guinea – of course the Americans listened in.

4) The Netherlands is the base for the SWIFT data system for international banking transactions, which in 2006 was revealed to be tracked by the CIA.

To this list can be added the news from September that the MIVD and AIVD are establishing a new apparatus, the Joint SIGINT Cyber Unit.

Previously known as Project Symbolon, it will be operational in 2014.

This despite the fact that the legal basis for the Unit does not yet exist, because the WIV (Intelligence and Security Law) of 2002 does not sanction the extraction of information from “cable-based telecommunications.” The CTIVD apparently knew this was coming for two years, but failed to inform parliament. The (unsurprising) conclusion that the Netherlands, thanks to its infrastructure and long Cold War history of (intelligence) cooperation with the US, is (almost) part of the inner circle when it comes to the US-orientated global surveillance networks.

It is named after the Angles, one of the Germanic tribes that migrated to the area of Great Britain that later took their name, as England.

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