Infinite scroll preset database doesn t exist try updating

23-Nov-2019 17:34

; = (function(){ return { "click Tale Configuration": , "Internal Content Config": , "Mwf Configuration": , "Rps Sign In Info": , "Site Content Config": { "Link Farm Enabled": true, "One Site Service Uri": " Did the deep scan from the file settings for the plugin manager. This is an issue as all my plugins show up in all the menus regardless of its type. Seems really weird that it just jumped to a completely different place. Set-DB is a synchronized distributed docstore database backed by IPFS using pubsub. The validator function passed in the options object of the constructor is run on the record.It only supports adding new entries, rejecting any existing entry modification or deletion. The function passed in should be a filter function. The record must not exist in the Set DB under it's ID and must pass the validator function to be added. Fired either when the Set DB successfully hydrates itself from it's entry in the options object. Set DB relies on IPFS pubsub, which is currently implemented as floodsub (which means every client subscribed to that topic gets the message at once).When scrolling, it is only allowed to check every 400 microseconds (this can be adjusted if needed).15 If the user is scrolling…16 And we’re not already loading posts, and the timer will let us check…17-18 Reset the timer19 Calculate distance between the window’s current location and the to true since we’re about to load new posts22-27 Setup the data we’re passing to our WP function.

infinite scroll preset database doesn t exist try updating-71

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infinite scroll preset database doesn t exist try updating-54

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Set DB was designed with this in mind to prevent infinite loops of requests.If the SIM card you are using hasn't been activated it wont display any number or if the SIM card isn't the preferred SIM for the phone the number wont display.There are a few other reasons as to why you are getting this unknown reading for your number but mainly it's due to errors within the SIM and phone compatibility.When the user is a certain distance from the end of the post listing, more posts are loaded and inserted at the bottom. When you create your AJAX query, you’ll specify an action (see load-more.js, line 23).

You’ll then hook a Word Press function to that action, and it will get run any time that AJAX query runs.

Infinite scroll, when used correctly, is a wonderful tool for improving engagement on your website.

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