22-Jan-2020 02:51

They wonder what the other person sees in them, are afraid that the other person will reject them when they "finally see the real me." They tell themselves that only a real misfit could even be interested in them, or seek out dysfunctional dating partners because "nobody decent will ever want me." The fact that you're getting a late start on dating should not be a reason to doubt yourself.Plenty of people begin dating a little later in life than others. Someone may not be emotionally ready for marriage until later in adulthood.Things got so bad that I moved to a different city in the hopes of a fresh start. I finally have success in a job and am making as much money as the average person.My social skills have improved to the point that I can "get by" in some social situations, although I still bomb in large group situations. Lenny Dear Lenny, We are impressed by your perseverance.

We've met many daters who are so plagued with doubts about their self-worth that they can't allow themselves to succeed in relationships.

Some people seem to have an innate ability to figure out how to use computer programs, just as some people seem to have a natural ability to relate to others.

The vast majority of the population can become computer-literate after they receive a small amount of instruction and observe people with computer know-how, just as most people develop social skills by getting advice from parents, teachers, or peers and by modeling how they see others behave.

They may have to resolve any of a number of personal issues.

Or like you, they may be late bloomers in life, who take a little longer to come into their own.

I also have a learning disability (which affects me socially) that wasn't diagnosed until I was 28.