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however, when you look at the olympic games results, they seem to be better than whites in many other sports...^^^: at running perhaps, but sports that require strength and accuracy are dominated by whites.

and look at those nigger names they didn't have "plaxico" there also, i once knew a nigger named "female" (pronounced fee mal ee) (no I'm not kidding)Anonymous: obviously because logic and the nature of reality elude them...

of course they are not - stating otherwise is both false and disrespectful, and conducive only to the socio-racial dramas we can witness in every major u.s. Anonymous: Racism is the ability to discriminate - inability to discriminate meansyour IQ is so low that you cannot discriminate - you are medically classified as an "Imbecile" - look it up on a medical site..liberal cunt - even if I do live in a trailer - I am still more intellgent than you - because I can discriminate - you on the other hand are medically classified as an Imbecile...liplocker_code3: There _is_ a difference in _different_ people. Some are more domesticated than others (some even fit for indoors dwelling), but that's another story. Not only do they think they are badass, but they are ALWAYS dumb as a box of rocks!

What the fuck should we say to distinguish one kind of human from the other? Say "African American," do they mean a white person from S. Anonymous: what ever those guns are for other black people they don't like each other because they have no concept of famiily because their race is a color rather then a real ethnicity. They stole the shotgun, but don't know how to put the shells in or they will steal the ammo too and it will be a 12 gauge shotgun getting 20 gauge shells.

Cold Ice: In case of the bible is right, humans are created by god would mean that the left one is a more advanced version of some monkey species. ', if you used the physical description, then you're a racist!

If Darwin is right the left one is the missing link. Theyubber G: ^ when we look at a an "African American" we know their ancestors originated in Africa by their skin color, big noses, pubic hair on their heads, etc. Anonymous: that girl on the right side of the pic doesnt look european but facial appearances of european and white american peoples are different especially body shape so french are skinnier as the rest of their EU member neighbours.

Spreading Hate.: Im glad they cant swim, otherwise these kids would have grown up to be welfare gang banging niggers. Im sure they will somehow blame the white man, thats what they always do.

Actually its because in the mother land there is no water. Anonymous: it's difficult for black people to swim because of the density of their body (bone density or lung volume, I don't know exactly).

Anonymous: I'm actually a rich black guy who has had my white girl from highschool...

anyway its none of my business Kermit don't care Anonymous: ^ In reality, she has the food stamps and SSI payments. Anonymous: this is in FRANCE and the image cuts off before you see another nigger knock her down and kick her in the head, and then run up to the camera laughing. They ruined there own countries, the white man left them with better technology and they did nothing with it Anonymous: This is in France, he wanted her phone number, she tried to move around him, he hit her - then the other nigger hit/kicked her knocking her to the ground - CHECK OUT FUCK FRANCE *DOT* com - they have the entire video with sound.

He's a parasite using her for money and a roof over his head. The niggers then laughed like donkeys while she cried.

" ( the scenario described is fictitious and should not be confused witht the real life of crack dealing dumbass niggers .)Bunglicker: You've inspired me Rubber G.- "What say you Biggs?

Should we not show to the world the financial success of the fiduciary agreement we've worked out between our narcotic suppliers and narcotic consumers? It would be a most impressive example of our business acumen."---- (Translation into gangsta shit language.); "Yo Biggs, show da muthafuckus da jack we made." "Word."Anonymous: I hope the greeks can see this, they lack jewels, but gold is in their prey since 2 but 3 starts with the letter G. #greconomics #grexit #greedygreece #greferendum #eurozone #drachma: ^ the pets usualy die a horrible death due to neglect and abuse.

She knows that I fuck little black kids on the weekends.

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However, basis should not be allocated in excess of(f)(2)). 704(c)(1)(C) basis adjustment is not reallocated to the distributed property, and the remainder is treated as a positive Sec. If the distribution also gives rise to a negative Sec. 754 election in effect at the time of the liquidating distribution, it is treated as having made a Sec.… continue reading »

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