I keep dating the wrong guys

03-Aug-2020 00:08

i keep dating the wrong guys-23

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You have to be emotionally ready to commit, to attract a guy willing to commit.Now, this seems like a hard pill to swallow, but it’s the truth.However, there’s one small thing in the video that I find hard to agree with…just because someone cheated on their previous partner WITH you…Every situation is different and BOTH partners are responsible for the state of their relationship.

So they simply settle for whoever comes along instead of being alone.This is why you keep attracting the wrong type of men: It is very important for every lady to have a list.This isn’t to say a man must meet all the qualities on the list, but the list should guide you to what you can’t live with.does not necessarily mean they will do the same to you.

I don’t agree with the “once a cheater always a cheater” that we’ve surely heard a million times.Are you in a relationship with someone who has done things to hurt you over and over again and now you don’t trust them, but you still want to find some way to fix the relationship? I left his house one day three weeks ago with a kiss and a hug and he hasn’t returned my calls or texts since.

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