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After graduating from Tribeca Prep, Alex and Harper decide to move into an apartment but have to earn money to pay for it.They mount a puppet show but Alex's usual laziness leads to Harper doing everything alone.The two fall out, and so Alex shrinks Zeke and Justin to create her own puppet show.This initially upsets Harper, as she's been upstaged by Alex, but Alex tells her that she's earned enough money to move into an apartment and wouldn't want to move out without Harper.Later she would meet the Wizard Alex Russo in kindergarten and, along with her, would become nemeses of Gigi Hollingsworth.In the first season, Harper is Alex's best friend, although she doesn't know that she's a wizard.

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She previously has an obvious crush on Justin (which was used for comedy on the show) that freaked Justin out.

For the remainder of the season, Harper takes position as Alex's partner in crime despite not actually approving of most of the magic she does, however she does seem to try to help Alex until it becomes too much or they are close to getting in trouble (in which she usually runs away with the cry of "See you in P. In 'Future Harper', Alex finds out that Harper has become a famous author and is making money off of stories about their adventures together.

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