How to spot a player online dating

29-Aug-2020 17:23

This means that they’ll keep their word and follow through with plans.If it feels like your date leaves you in hope and false promises, and doesn’t value and appreciate your time – move on to someone who does.Now to women this all sounds ludicrous; they can’t wrap their head around why someone would ever want to be considered a “player”, so I’ve looked to break it down for you.Here are the two main reasons that men pride themselves on being “players”.

Regardless, all players may display some form of the following behaviors (remember 70% of communication is non-verbal) – so don’t fall for their games. Rather than a genuine smile that tells you that he’s interested in you, he wears a mischievous grin that makes you wonder what’s up.

He’s up to no good, that’s what.glued to their phones nowadays, but in comparison to a player–our behavior is unmatched.

He may be juggling text messages amongst a sea of women – becoming especially defensive when you try to look over his shoulder.

In fact, the only time he wouldn’t be on his phone is if it happens to ring while you’re right next to him.

Though it’s nearly impossible to maintain eye contact the whole time you’re out together, his eyes should at least be focused in your general direction (if he’s at all interested).You may have heard of ‘ghosting’ when it comes to online dating – the player masters this, only to reappear as if he hadn’t just stopped contacting you in weeks.