How to skip backup when updating iphone ios 5

18-May-2020 01:50

Here l will show you how to put your i Phone into Recovery Mode so that you can restore it. Click the device icon in the upper-left side of the i Tunes window. Click “Backup Now” which is beneath the "Manually Backup and Restore" section.Step 1: Connect your i Phone to your computer with USB. Step 4: Turn off your i Phone by holding down the Lock button and then slide the slide to power down your i Phone. Just like it is important to back up your Mac, it is essential to make sure your i Phone or i Pad is on a regular backup schedule.

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Your backup regimen is up to you, but you should be backing up regularly so when you have to resort to restoring your device, you've got a backup ready. At this point, you will lose all data that hasn't been synced in i Cloud or another cloud-based service.

Here's a list of data you will keep and lose when you reset your i Phone. Once you are sure you've backed up everything important, erase your i Phone data right from the device.

Find My i Phone will also automatically be disabled when you reset your device. If you choose to back up your i Phone or i Pad by connecting it to i Tunes and storing the backups on your computer, you can also restore it from your most recent i Tunes backup.

You'll first need to manually disable Find My i Phone.Before doing a clean install, make sure your photos, app data, music, safari activities, and contacts have been backed up to cloud services, like i Cloud Drive, Dropbox, or One Drive.

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