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30-Jun-2020 01:20

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The tripping amount mentioned above is communally in case of a group trip, not individually.If you are a solo traveler, the tipping amount can be slightly less by a few dollars per day.Theoretically, it's said that you should give your guides and porters what they deserve for their services and you may skip tipping (whole team or a particular staff) if their services were disastrous.But it's true that most of the travelers still confuse about the tipping amount. We have tried to put together a guideline about a reasonable amount of tipping suitable for most cases.

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Tipping motivates them to do more good services with improvements.

But if you are planning for 1 - 2 months long trip then a lumpsum tip of USD 300 - 350 will suffice for the guide and USD 200 - 250 for the porter, again communally.

When the porters are picked up from the trek starting points, they will bid you goodbye on the last day of your trek completion day.

You can keep your tips amount in an envelop and hand over to the staff with a smile and sweet thanks.

Most staff will simply accept whatever you gave and never count the money in front of you.The amount of tipping and the rates expected will also vary depending on the length of the trek and the challenges involved.

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