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04-Nov-2020 23:55

In France, a similar robot brothel was shut down after activists claimed it promoted rape and allowed customers to have sex with dolls that looked like children.In Houston, religious groups started a petition claiming the proposed brothel would encourage human trafficking, and women complained to their legislators that the practice was dehumanizing.“These business are created to degrade me as a woman,” one resident, Virginia Mireles, told Fox29 Houston.Of course, there's a difference between "common" and "I'll do it," but there, too, a lot of people were on board.About 24 percent of men said they'd consider sex with robots if it were possible -- significantly more than the 9 percent of women in that camp. Sex already is a charged issue even before you take humans out of the equation, and it's The You Gov survey shows the issue is unsettled.

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The robots, made by sex-doll manufacturer Real Doll, can swivel their heads, move their mouths, and hold kinky conversations through a chatbot embedded in their skulls.right now, but after another half century, it'll be awfully darn ordinary, Americans think.