Hostile and intimidating workplace

24-Sep-2019 11:37

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Example: I have been a loyal employee of this company for 30 years.My previous supervisors gave me stellar performance reviews.Pervasive behavior is persistent mistreatment that can affect self-esteem, concentration and overall job performance.When wording your grievance, describe how you are being affected by a hostile environment to get your point across.Knowing the rules and definitions of offensive conduct will help you word your grievance correctly when claiming you have been subjected to a hostile environment.Follow a standard business memo format when writing your grievance.Share other thoughts as to what you would like to see happen.If your grievance is substantiated, state that you want an investigation with corrective action.

If you are in a labor union, read your contractual bargaining agreement.A single, isolated minor incident does not meet the threshold of a hostile environment. For instance, a verbal threat intended to hurt you or displaying a weapon during a heated argument constitutes severe behavior.Such action by itself would disturb a reasonable person and would cause fear at work.Careful, intentional wording of a grievance can make all the difference as to how effectively management responds.

If this problem is happening to you, write down verbatim what was said to threaten or disrespect you -- even if the words are offensive.Address it to the person or office designated to investigate and resolve grievances at your company or organization.