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Following the airing of the program, Beth Twitty, adhering to the position that the tapes represent the way events transpired, believed that Van der Sloot dumped Natalee's body, possibly alive, into the Caribbean.She told the New York Post that her daughter would still be alive if Van der Sloot had called for help.Twitty was criticized for her focus on Joran van der Sloot and the Kalpoe brothers, to the exclusion of any other theory as to what happened to Natalee.According to the lawsuit filed by the Kalpoe brothers, she has (on various television programs) repeatedly accused them and van der Sloot of "sexual assault" and "gang rape" of her daughter.The lawsuit alleged personal injury against Natalee Holloway and also alleged that Van der Sloot's father created a permissive environment.On February 3, 2008, an undercover exposé produced by crime reporter Peter R.Twitty said that she vowed to share her story shortly following her daughter's disappearance, in the hope that other families would not suffer what she had to go through.After searchers had spent five months in an unsuccessful quest to find Natalee, her attorney John Q.

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Kelly notified the Federal Bureau of Investigation to set up a sting operation with the Aruban authorities.de Vries aired on Dutch television showing video of Van der Sloot purportedly smoking marijuana and admitting to being present during Holloway's death.