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While these data elements were proposed to be made available to authorities without prior judicial authorization in previously proposed bills, they were not among those included in the definition of basic subscriber information posed by Bill C-30.Our research involved carrying out the straightforward task to conduct a simple test to determine what information can be found when starting with an IP address (a similar process can be followed when starting with an e-mail address or phone number).Once the IP address, email address or phone number have been disclosed by the service provider or the subscriber, no special equipment or software is needed to conduct these tests.A variety of services are available on the web for obtaining information about IP addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers.For example, the IP address of one individual Wikipedia contributor For the purposes of the research undertaken by the OPC, the above traits were gained only by looking at one IP address.

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It is simply intended as an example of the "state of the possible".

It was performed in accordance with the Office's mandate to support, undertake and publish research into privacy issues and to promote public awareness through the preparation and dissemination of research findings for use by the general public, federal government institutions and private sector organizations.

Further, the analysis was conducted in order to provide OPC staff the ability to speak to the issues raised by previously proposed legislation, and advise Parliament accordingly on the basis of firsthand knowledge.

The latest one identified six specific elements of subscriber information which would be made available to law enforcement and national security authorities without prior judicial authorization; specifically, one’s: This document presents findings from a technical analysis conducted by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC) examining the privacy implications of subscriber information elements which are not found in a phone book: email address, mobile phone number and Internet Protocol (or IP) address.

Research associated with this analysis concluded December 19, 2012.

Introduction – What we set out to explore and why Acknowledgement Methodology – How we carried out our work What can Basic Subscriber Information elements unlock?

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