Hindutva crazies on dating of the rig veda

15-Sep-2020 12:45

AIT-wallas tell us, we need to show evidence of "pre-migration" horse remains, if we wish to upturn the Aryan Migration Theory. They just give us a AIT black box which says: show horse bones, disprove it! Somehow the AIT-Nazis are expecting us to show huge horse graveyards and remains of chariot-factories in every second corner in India.

It is like saying either you show me the staff of Moses or accept that he didn't exist.

The latter is playing into the hands of the AIT-Nazis. If they say prove it right, we can retort it by saying "prove it wrong".

But in order to say that you need to have an alternative narrative.

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Indus Valley Civilization people knew of no such thing.

Conclusion: Indus Valley Civilization precedes Rigvedic Age..................................

The point is it is not a question of trying to respond to demands for horse evidence from the AIT-Nazis.

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For the horse we just need an alternative narrative, and not heaps of evidence of horse bones.

(from the AIT Po V)The Rigveda speaks of the horse, to some extent glorifying it.

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