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21-May-2020 22:47

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What I'm trying to say is that I would feel quite uncomfortable dating a coach let alone a professor(unless i was not her student and she wanted to be friends first and kept it low-key). 566.086.) that he is a volunteer and she is a student in the same school system, I would make an appointment to sit with a lawyer and find out how long after his volunteer work terminates and how long after the student graduates school, will the statutory rape law expire.

In Missouri, it is also a crime to engage in any sexual contact with a public school student if the defendant is a school teacher, student teacher, employee, official, volunteer, or contractor. If you don't find this out for him, tell him to keep his pecker in his pants and his hands to himself.

For example, a volunteer assistant coach who engaged in sexual activity with a student could be convicted of the crime of sexual contact with a student. he should also realize that he may be asked to not coach next year like you speculated he may.

While his actions would not be illegal, the school may take offense to his activities and curtail any use of him in any position in the future.

We will continue to cooperate fully with the investigation.

Calton was also rearrested on Misdemeanor Battery against a person with a previous dating relationship, Felony Vandalism, and Felony Burglary charges, stemming from a case in 2016 where Calton had been sentenced to 5 years of formal searchable probation.

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Each athlete must maintain a minimum of a 2.0 GPA to be eligible to participate in athletics, and each athlete must also maintain and have a current FHSAA physical on file.

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