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This back and forth push between Democracy and Authoritarianism characterized the government of the Taisho Era.

One interesting Characteristic of later Taisho Japan is that the intellectual thing became supporting Fascism, Imperialism and Authoritarianism.

The new Emperor since 1912, Emperor Taisho, was (possibly) feeble-minded and was both pro-west and pro-liberlism as far as we can gauge from his few public appearances.

Japan`s prime minister, Hara Takashi, was a party politician as opposed to the Oligarchs that had dominated Japanese politics before the war.

By 1920 Japan was one of the economic powerhouses of the world.

While the Europeans had sacrificed milllions of men and the production of their entire nations in the First World War, Japan had focused on its economy and came through mostly unscathed (For the first time, Japan changed from a borrowing nation to a lending nation).

I would also be interested in any significant social movements pre or during WWII.t write a good response.

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Japan was also an increasingly liberal and progressive country.I`ll start by linking to this monster post I wrote on Japanese militarism which you may find useful. In the interests of brevity i`ll split prewar Japan into two parts, 1920 (The start of the heyday of the Taisho Democracy) to 1933 (assassination of Inukai Tsuyoshi) and 1933 to 1941.