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30-Sep-2020 01:33

But one movement intersex advocates are not sure they want to be automatically lumped in with is the gay-rights struggle.

For one thing, that all intersex people are gay is one myth intersex activists hope to dispel.

The surgery has other lifelong impacts, as well—some research has shown that 20 to 30 percent of these surgeries have resulted in a dramatic loss of sexual sensation.“We’re trying to take a lot of the alarm out of it, just by saying to everybody—even people in the medical community—to slow down and not rush to ‘fix’ something right away,” says Green.

“The classic case is for the child to be swooped up and put in neonatal care.

“The word hermaphrodite was used a lot, which is pretty offensive. And like one out of every 2,000 people, she was born with an intersex body.

It was upsetting to see all of these people pop up who seem to think they have the right to speculate about what somebody else’s body looks like.”“I live a very regular life. Intersex, or DSD (Disorders of Sex Development), is more complicated than most people think.

Reducing the number of these surgeries is something intersex activists see as fundamental to their cause.“Sometimes the word intersex doesn’t help either,” says Janet, who has counseled confused new parents.The medical profession came to a consensus about three years ago to get rid of all terms based on the root ‘hermaphrodite’ (including ‘pseudo-hermaphrodite’) because they are stigmatizing and confusing.”But perhaps the No.1 goal of the intersex-rights movement is literally the right to exist.Intersex Awareness Day, celebrated on October 26, grew out of the first public intersex demonstration in Boston in 1996, where the American Academy of Pediatrics was holding its annual conference.

Their demand was that the AAP stop treating intersexuality as a birth defect that can be corrected, outgrown, and forgotten.

And androgen insensitivity syndrome, which can cause people born with XY chromosomes (male typical) to appear feminine.

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