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I didn’t have five of these a year, much less five a week! Their job was prayer and exposure: take me places, tell me of new or fun events to attend, or set me up on a date.My job was prayer and attitude: go out with anyone but a hardened criminal.These communities are important to so many aspects of your life including your practical, spiritual, professional, intellectual, and emotional needs and growth.Being intentional about your relationships helps to strengthen these aspects of community.Ask yourself, who is your community and how has God used them to guide you in life?There are family, friends, church buddies, mentors, coworkers, life group members, and many more people God has put right in front of you.They could opt in to weekly date reports, and occasionally I sent an email with progress updates.A friend sent the blog to a publisher, and “The Crowd-Sourced Marriage: Leveraging Your Trusted Community to Help You Marry Well” was born.

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Sharla: Having married for the first time at 50, I don’t want to waste what God taught me in the previous decades.------ ------ Sharla Langston is the author of The Crowd-Sourced Marriage and is passionate about encouraging single Christians to engage their community in finding God’s best.