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03-Aug-2020 16:35

I enjoy arts and culture in general, that is why I have the passion for attending various cultural events, such as movie premieres, theatres, galleries and museums. Also at the weekends, I like running in the morning.I like modern art a lot as it is full of alternative solutions, however, I like history as well. Cooking is another passione of mine, my family always says that I am a good cook.I got the E-mail from a "Sonny Young" who then named herself Hasmik in the E-mail and asked me to write to a different e-mail address. Very scamlike knowing that they often work in groups. This morning, I have received love the Internet Dispatch, from theunknown person to me of the addressee. In the ancient times, name of the country “Arminius” occurs in cuneiforms of Persian King Darius (522-486 years. There was Nairi’s state in the basin of the lake Van (Turkey), the state “Hayasa” and “Alzi” in nearby mountains.

I have no wideexperience in The Internet acquaintances.

I have serious aims and I wish to meet an intelligent man.

I hope that I will be lucky to find my future husband here.

at first time I became acquainted with the man through a dating site and a lil bit shy. I also want such a serious relationship and a lot of love. My zodiac sign is Libra, this sign is very appropriate to me because all my close friends say that I am a very balanced person… In fact, I’m embarrassed to dance in public and often dancing in front of the mirror alone)), but my mom say I dance well and I do not have to be ashamed of. I think you will be shocked if I tell you that I’m vegetarian. On this letter I want to finish my letter and I wish you luck. )) For a few days we were communicate with each other and you are becoming to me more and more interesting.

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If you do not mind, I tell a little about myself, and I think in the future you will learn more about me)) My name is Hasmik, my friends call me Haso or Hasulik)) How do you want to call me? )) I think I’m no longer a little girl))) Why I cannot think about serious relationship? I live in a small country in the capital of Armenia Yerevan. If you’re interested I can tell about my country in detail. )) Actually I try to do my best to do it in professional way. Do not forget to write to me, I will wait your letter… Now I want to find a smart man,adult who will not play games, and would be serious. You know, I would love to see you in real life, via Skype, of course if it is possible and if you don’t mind … )) But unfortunately we do not have internet at home … Our families are close and I guess they’re real friends to us, but you know, I can not often communicate by Skype. Ufff big letter:) Sorry I think you’re already tired of reading it. Certainly I will send to you of more photos and I will tell about myself, about my desires and about my dreams.